Marlene Enright released her new single Alchemy today . You can stream or buy it at the following link:

We recorded this track at our house in Cork.  Brendan Fennessey brought in a home studio and we recorded the track live with Marlene on vocals and keys, Eoin Walsh on bass, Hugh Dillon on guitar, and yours truly on drums. Very happy with the result and particularly with the drum sound. 

On the track I used my Sakae Trilogy Series kit:  22x14 bass drum, 12x8 rack, 16x16 floor tom and I used a vintage premier marching snare drum 14x8. 

Hi Hats:  Two 16" crash is a Paiste and the other Sabian

Crash: 18" Bosphorus Gold Series & 18" Zildjian Kerope

Ride: 22" Istanbul Agop Traditional Series

Published on 11th November 2016

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